Aquarius Woman And Capricorn Man

A love match between Capricorn man and Aquarius woman can survive only with a lot of compromises from both sides. While the self confidence as well as poise of Aquarius woman will attract Capricorn man initially but the free spirit will be too much to handle for him. On the other hand the Aquarius woman could find the Capricorn man too domineering and she will struggle to maintain her independence. The combination is uncommon and the duo has little to share in terms of habits and attitudes. Capricorn is highly responsible while Aquarius is indecisive and impulsive in nature.

Capricorn Woman And Aquarius Man

Though comparatively the match between Capricorn woman and Aquarius man has more chances of success but love relationship will be not so easy. Aquarius man is very outgoing and he loves socializing with people including male and female. In result some security of the relationship is lost since Capricorn woman is not only too cautious but also too conventional and fails to understand the constant need of Aquarius man for adventure. 

Capricorn And Aquarius Compatibility

When Capricorn meets Aquarius it is earth meeting air and the compatibility could be difficult proposition. However, at their best the two signs can complement each other quite nicely and make every minute of the proximity special for each other. The duo has many striking differences from each other and at the worst there could be frequent clashes that mark their relationship. If they really want their relations to last longer then they will have to make many adjustments in life.

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